Monday, 9 September 2013


Illustrations for a project on the Inuit culture.  Watercolour on paper, with photos taken by Douglas.

A mono-printing session using found objects and mixed media.  The whales still manage to make it into my work!

Some of the first successful charcoal drawings I've made.  These were part of a PGCE workshop, and show strange natural objects such as seed pods.

Some sketches in black marker made at the British Museum of the Horse Head of Selene. 
Always had a bit of a thing for Mucha, and the Art Nouveau movement.  Kept in pen and ink for now, colour to come perhaps later when they are printed as cards.

A one off project that looked into 'interior spaces.'  I decided to take it into the interior as the exterior.  A very interesting use of paint, and thanks to Sarah, my canvas.